Posted by: Frank | 10/25/2010

Hawaii Elections!

It is quite clear that we DO INDEED have but one choice when it comes to electing people to office in Hawaii. The choice is simple – ANYBODY BUT DEMOCRATS! 

When we talk about “more of the same” it all applies! Under the Democrat rule we have had:

More and higher taxes!

Education in the gutters!

High unemployment!


Turned “Paradise” into a place where people don’t want to visit and our young people want to move from as soon as they are of age.

Wake up Hawaii – I’m not for one moment saying that the Republicans are the TOTAL answer to fixing our problems BUT getting rid of the Democrats that continue to bend over for the Unions and raise our Taxes rather than make cuts in spending, would be a great way to start! If the Republicans can’t make the changes in 8 years – dump them and start over!  The people in power now are corrupt and power mad – a fresh start in November is what we need!



  1. Here’s my letter to editor of West Hawaii Today:
    Wake Up, West Hawaii Today. I appreciate your honesty that your endorsements for candidates in the upcoming election are simply based on the fact that they are democrats. Not that they are truly honest folks with character and integrity who want to move Hawaii forward in these trying times of economic hardship. Because if you really looked at the candidates using this criteria, you would be endorsing the “other side of the aisle”. The Democrats have been in control of the Hawaii government for 50 years, and YES, we can’t “name a department in this state that isn’t a mess”. We have the democratic control of government for the last 50 years to thank for that!

    Mr. Abercrombie is correct – we need CHANGE in Hawaii, not the tax and spend philosophy with him beholden to the special interests looking for payback for political favors that have been the Democrat’s policies for 50 years. He has absolutely no executive ‘experience’ at balancing a budget and he wants to bring the deficit spending policies of the US Congress to the State of Hawaii. Please…. Hawaii deserves better! As you so accurately state, we have no reason to believe that he will not continue ‘the Hawaii tradition of identifying problems and then exercising political avoidance of solutions.” His ‘buds’ won’t let him do it any other way!

    You endorse Mr. Inouye saying he ‘is a fixture in Washington and a political deity in Hawaii – an A-ticket to pork funds that exceed the national average”. The pork-barrel spending is NOTHING to be proud of. It’s driving this country into financial ruins. Our federal tax dollars must be spent responsibly and the people of Hawaii are beginning to understand that. Else Charles Djou wouldn’t be in the lead in the recent polls and the governor’s race wouldn’t be too close to call.

    It’s just a tremendous hurdle to overcome the continued blatant one-sided reporting and thinking. But you are wrong, West Hawaii Today. Republicans do have a voice and folks on the other side are listening. If the voters really believed your statement that “there’s one team and if you’re not on it, you’re not in the game” then there would be no reason to vote. Just let the party in control appoint everyone and save the state tons of money on elections…. NOT! This is the United States of America and we have a system of checks and balances for a reason. Wake Up, Hawaii… Get out there and VOTE!

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