Posted by: Frank | 12/01/2010

Dan Inouye and his Bullshit!

Reading the statement in WHT on the 30th of Nov,  about Inouye and his defense of earmarks was almost as funny as the Dilbert cartoon today.  It’s NOT just about the money, it’s what these so called “public servants” do to GET the money. He and the rest of the “earmark professionals” seem to think Americans are stupid or just don’t care. Earmarks more often than not go into bills where a representative has “sold” their vote. They are being bribed to vote for things that aren’t always in the public interest. He makes it sound like he and his buddies are doing the American public a big favor by diverting taxpayer money to their pet programs. His question “where is the so-called corruption?” is a joke – does he forget what went on behind closed doors when the Dems pushed through Obama-care? Yup, some Americans are stupid – they elected him to office again and they have their hands out in hope of getting more money that he “diverts” from the taxpayer. Way to go Dan! 

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