Posted by: Frank | 12/01/2010

Unemployment Benefits.

I have a question! Unemployment benefits in Hawaii “average” $418.53 per week, which seems to be one of the highest rates in the USA. That is ABOVE minimum wage. What are the people that get his money doing each week? Are they painting government buildings, cleaning up or maintaining our parks, picking up the plentiful trash along our highways, volunteering to help in the library’s or schools? It’s time for people to earn their benefits, you get a check, you work for it. 99 weeks of benefits is way too long, too many people don’t care if they get a job as long as the money rolls in. Nancy Pelosi and her gang are more than happy to keep extending the benefits because they see each unemployed person getting benefits as possible votes. Telling the public that the rich (earning $200 K) should foot the bill for all their waste is nonsense. Since when is earning $200 K and paying all of your expenses, the definition of “RICH”? Nancy is an Idiot, she looks like one, talks like one so by definition, she IS one!

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