Posted by: Frank | 12/07/2010

Aberdork Signs The Check!

Our new “leader” released $91 Million from our reserve funds without batting an eye. Why should he care about the money, dem’s are in power and will just raise our taxes if we need more cash! His campaign lip service to please all his liberal cronies will end up putting us further in debt. I know these Islands are heavy in Democrats but It would seem like they would wake up at some point and see what our lawmakers have done and say, “enuff!!  time for REAL change!”  No – not the same crap that Obama has shoveling – REAL!!!  Fire all the life long poloticians and begin with fresh faces and ideas. When it’s time to raise taxes again, the people that voted for Abercrook and the rest of the Dem’s should be the ones that pay, not the rest of us.  aloha

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