Posted by: Frank | 12/12/2010

Governor or puppet?

A short time after the election and less than a week in office and Abercrombie has stated that he will ignore the study done on the cost / feasibility of the rail system on Oahu, spent over $95 million dollars from our emergency funds without blinking or doing any research as to why Gov Lingle decided to hold back the money and now he tells us he doesn’t plan to use his veto power. Sounds like he is planning to do to Hawaii the same thing he did when he was in congress – sell his vote/power to the people that will pay him the most in returns. Obviously he has a low regard of the way our government is supposed to operate if he thinks the use of “Veto” is dysfunctional. Sounds a lot like he has given the Democrats a cart blanch to pass any number of bills/laws with little regard to the damage they will do to our State. WHT’s impromptu informal survey may have given us more insight than intended when they casually mentioned that a good portion of the people they talked to had friends or family members working for the county. Could it be we have WAY to many people on the payroll and the furloughs proved the point. Could it also be that our new Gov wanted to get those employees back to work at the request of the unions before people realized that we didn’t need the offices affected manned for so many hours a week/month? The Dems overrode 110 vetoes while Lingle was in office – too bad we can’t access the damage those overrides did to the taxpayers of Hawaii.

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