Posted by: Frank | 12/13/2010

Abercrombie Lovefest

So, this is my first time on island when a new Governor has actually been elected. This could well be something that is done with each election but since our NEW Governor is “so sensitive” to the problems in our state and we all know, our State is under some very serious economic issues. My question being, why do we need to waste tax payer money to fly this person and his gang around the State to tout his new powers? Most of us (if not all) would be happier if he sent us a Meal ticket (ie: vote buying tactic on Oahu) and stay on Oahu. My wife and I wouldn’t use the Meal tickets, we would give them to those in need on OUR island (where – in case the Gov doesn’t know, has the worst unemployment) so they could enjoy Christmas instead of reading about the Governor’s victory romp. Once again i am UNDER IMPRESSED with Ambercrombie’s tactics and sincerity

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