Posted by: Frank | 12/18/2010

Dumbocraps “In Sync”

Recently Sen Dan Inouye  reported “at long last, the White House, The congressional Delegation, the Governor and the Mayor are all on the same page about the importance of a rail system for Honolulu”. Is this a surprise to anyone since they are all Dumbocraps! With a Republican as Gov,  Gov Lingle showed some common sense when she asked for a study of the project to see if it was financially viable. That report raised serious questions which Amberdork and his gang choose to ignore. Abernercrumb still lives in the fantasy world where he has unlimited Federal money that doesn’t have to be paid back once it’s misdirected. He conveniently forgets he is now in a situation that any money borrowed by the City of Honolulu will be owed (to someone) by them and they will be responsible for any debt they incur..If the City can’t pay, who pays? think about it, taxpayers will foot the bill..  With luck, having the republicans in charge of the House, the Federal $ will dry up and no rail.

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