Posted by: Frank | 12/19/2010

Correct me if you THINK i’m wrong!

Got into a discussion with some FB friends last night about Sarah Palin, Hillary Clinton and Liberals in general. I love these chats, they tend to get the brain cells stirring. So, here are a few of my thoughts on each of these topics:

Sarah – was the wrong choice for a running mate for John. The Republicans tried to pull a rabbit out of the hat and found an ill prepared good looking woman to literally face off against a smooth talking full of shit black Democrat that has no business trying to lead our country. There were better choices than Sarah and if they had planned ahead, Obama would be another Kerry or Gore today. This is NOT Sarah’s fault. She tried and was put in continually bad situations by her own people AND the left leaning press. What she did do and continues to do was stir the conservative base. She is a good speaker, she’s learning the ropes and i hope she continues to help the Republicans to success in 2012 – NOT as a candidate for president! She would make a good senator!

Hillary is a crook, plain and simple. If you check her past, she made her climb to success on the backs of others. She came real close to being convicted for mismanagement of funds and being an out right thief. If it hadn’t been for Bill, we wouldn’t even know her name. She has a big mouth, hot temper, resents her husband for screwing around on her and getting caught and embarrassed in front of the American public and the fact that today he makes more money than she does just by standing up in front of people and giving his stupid smile and saying what they want to hear. He’s an over paid bobble head doll and she resents it. She’s also pissed that when they left the White House they were caught stealing and had to give most of the stuff back. She has lost touch with the fashion world and likely shares a wardrobe with Pelosi. Other than that, I just plain don’t like her.

Liberals are on this planet for one thing – to save the world! Or at least they think that’s why they are here. They don’t know which side of their brain to listen to so they don’t listen to either. They want to “mother” everyone including the planet.  They believe they can rescue everything and everybody by increasing government control of everything. If you make a lot of money it’s “YOUR DUTY” to give some of it (maybe most) to people that “can’t help themselves”. They believe that the  rich were put on the planet to support the poor and the Government should make sure it happens that way. They want to change the world NOW regardless to the cost of the population.  The Dems were put on the planet to pass laws that the liberals want so they are able to accomplish that task.

Just for grins let’s chat about conservatives. I am one, sorta. I believe in change, well thought out change. I don’t believe that just because some idiot makes a movie telling the gullible public (and liberals) that global warming is going to end the world, we should all stop living our normal lives. I do believe in recycling everything we can AS LONG AS IT DOESN’T CRASH OUR ECONOMY! I believe that we all should work for what we get, welfare of any sort should be abolished and EVERYONE that can work and gets a government check should earn it. Nobody ASKED to be born to this planet BUT if you’re here, do the best you can to make an imprint. I KNOW people that have been on some sort of assisted living for most of their lives and it pisses me off. Big government should stay out of peoples lives as much as possible – there are good things and BAD things the government does for us – we need to sort it out and TRASH the bad things…  NOW!
Lastly, it makes no difference if you are Liberal, Conservative, Democrat or Republican. We all know politicians that think that their job as “servant of the people” is to steal as much money from the taxpayers as possible and “do good” with it – of course helping out their friends is part of that “doing good”. We ARE “the people” and it is our job to trash the idiots that were elected to office because they were able to buy enough votes via gifts, false promises or pressure. Why Americans continue to elect the SAME IDIOTS to office over and over again should constitute a study someplace that would give us some kind of reasonable answer. When your Congress person has been proven to be a crook – WHY doesn’t your sense of morality kick in and FIRE his/her ass?
So – whatcha think? Make sense or not? aloha

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