Posted by: Frank | 12/22/2010

EarMarks Today, Gone Tomorrow!

Earmark cuts for projects sponsored by Congress – “Including the Hawaiian Delegation” (aren’t we special). Am I sad that Congress is attempting to live up to at least one of it’s promises? That’s much better than our friend “The Organizer” has done recently. I could for sure hear the “catch” in Sen Inouye’s voice as he admits he is unable to produce on his promises of free money to Hawaii and we all know that Abercrombie will be doing a two step if he can’t get his share of Federal funds since that is what he hangs his hopes for Rail and budget monies. Talk about eggs in one basket SOSDD with these guys. Yup, I’m going to cry also, might take ten or fifteen seconds from my busy day to shed a tear for these two crooks and their cronies.. Looks like we gotta live with “our” choices. Of course Aberdork can raid the rainy day fund and the hurricane fund instead of upsetting the UNIONS – THAT will be great if we have a real emergency. lol

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