Posted by: Frank | 12/23/2010

161 Earmarks for Dan Inouye

In the bill that Harry Reid tried to sneak through, Sen. Inouye had 161 earmarks that were noted numerous times on national TV.  For decades the Hawaiian government (controlled by Dem’s) has failed to develop the private sector except for tourism.  The political climate is not pro-business, taxes are outrageous, utilities are costly, infrastructure is inadequate, the low-performing educational system does not provide a well-educated entry or skilled work force,  growing divisiveness in the culture is a deterrent for business families and a shadow system of favoritism is pervasive.  Since the People have spoken against earmarks, there will be a shortfall of federal pork (billions) for Hawaii and a commensurate, undeveloped capability for the private sector to generate revenue. What is going to happen now that we have another Dem for Governor, one that was counting on the “free” federal money that Dan and his buddies would push his way.

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