Posted by: Frank | 01/05/2011

Abercrombie & Unions

If anyone out there still has a fantasy that our new Gov isn’t in bed with the Unions, they just need to look at todays NewsPaper and the pointed article about “Hawaii government boosts its share of health costs”. This idiot that was elected can’t even wait a few months before he blatantly hands out his rewards to his Union buddies.  Is it lack of brains, stupidly or just outright belligerence that allows him to slap the rest of us in the face with his back slapping and rewards to his “friends” and the Unions in particluar? Another $18 million tacked on to the shortfall in the State budget – why should HE care, HE doesn’t have to pay the difference…  Sounds a lot like his ideology when he was in Congress – “It’s only money and it’s NOT coming out of MY pocket so who cares?” Where is this sorry excuse of a Governor going to take us next? We already have the highest number of bankruptcy’s of any other State, is his goal to get the STATE in a position where IT declares bankruptcy in the hope of more Federal monies to bail him and us out? Of course he is living up to one thing that we ALREADY knew – Dems just love to spend TAXPAYER money – DUH!  I guess we CAN be happy that he’s open about it and not going behind our backs – Could it be that he just doesn’t care about the REST OF HAWAII?   What a guy – less than a month into his STATE destroying term – I’m REALLY unimpressed so far!

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