Posted by: Frank | 01/10/2011

Liberals, Your Opinion or Mine?

Have you ever tried to TALK to a Liberal? I have – to date it hasn’t worked out well. Most of the ones i have met do not want to talk, they want to share their ideas but aren’t really interested in what mine (or anyone elses) are. I looked up “Liberal & Liberalism” and came away with the following definition(s):

1. broad-minded: tolerant of different views and standards of behavior in others somebody who favors tolerance or open-mindednessMy Observation/Opinion: This definition is fine as long as your views are the same as theirs, I have yet to find someone that lives by the above words
2. progressive politically or socially: favoring gradual reform, especially political reforms that extend democracy, distribute wealth more evenly, and protect the personal freedom of the individualMy Observation/Opinion: Liberals do not lead by example. How many wealthy people (that are liberals) had out their money to the less fortunate and do NOT take the deductions on their income taxes. They are more interested in handing out other Peoples money to people that don’t have the will or desire to work and earn a living themselves.
3. generous: freely giving money, time, or some other asset

My Observation/Opinion: again, freely giving away other people’s money and assets. Not impressive in my humble opinion.

America has thrived on the working people, each working together to make a better place to live and grow. Why should that change, why should the people that work all their lives to succeed, give up their wealth to those that aren’t willing to? In this day, we all know it’s tough but surviving tough times is something that we do. Create JOBS, not welfare and we move forward. Hand out money like it is toilet paper and the people you hand it too see no need to seek work. The Liberals and Democrats do a lot of lip service but would rather buy future votes by handing out money than strengthening America by creating jobs for those that want to work.

My opinion – it’s worth as much or as little as anyone elses.  aloha

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