Posted by: Frank | 01/18/2011

The U.S. House adjenda and issues…

  Information & FACTS provided by “The Teaparty”

Mondays the House is usually not in session. 
Tuesday the house will convene at 2:pm to authorize the use of the Capitol rotunda for an event marking the 50th anniversary of John F. Kennedy’s inaugural address and the introduction of STOP (Stop the Over Printing Act) .
Wednesday the House meets at 10 am to close 7 hours of debate and repeal The Job-Killing Health Care Law Act. 
Thursday the House convenes from 9am to noon – Committees report legislation replacing the Job-Killing HealthCare Law. 
Friday the House is often not in session.

A bill will be introduced in the House that will ban all bail-outs for union pensions.  If it passes the House and Senate it will likely be vetoed by the President who received $200 million in contributions from the unions during his 2008 campaign.
There is growing tension between many Governors and government employee union bosses.  New Jersey, New York, California and Illinois are facing a U.S.House that won’t approve their irresponsible expectation to receive more bailout money.  They will be forced to rein in the unions either by negotiation, by declaring insolvency to invalidate union contracts or by raising taxes.
The U.S. House is being pressured to amend the federal bankruptcy laws so that the states (voluntarily) can file for reorganization.  That means that courts can alter government union contracts, benefits and pensions so the States can recover.
As you can imagine, this struggle between the fiscal survival of states that are hemorrhaging red ink; unyielding government union bosses; and a pro-government-union President is about to become radioactive.

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