Posted by: Frank | 01/31/2011

Let’s Talk About Insurance For Pre-existing Conditions.

This was one of the GREAT things about Obamacare right?! Got a major news update for you. I have a close friend in CA that has had Cancer for the past 2 years, treatable but not cheep on the drugs. He is self employed, never had insurance so paid all is medical out of pocket. 

Now with the new rules he went to a couple of insurance companies to check out the cost of insurance. Two companies, two estimates, one came back just over $2800 PER MONTH, the other just over $3200 PER MONTH. Both companies had a huge deductible.

Over $30K a year for insurance just for himself. He makes a bit too much to get any kind of assistance so no discounts offered. That was about 70% of his take home pay. So my friend wants to thank Obama and his tribe for doing the uninsurable such a BIG favor.

He’s not voting for a Dem in 2012 – at least he woke up even if it was a bit late.


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