Posted by: Frank | 02/04/2011

Time to take control of our resources.

So here we are again, stuck in a very familiar position where our country is on the receiving end of high cost of oil with it getting higher every day because of “unrest in the Middle East”. We are once more being held hostage by other countries even though their costs for producing and shipping have not changed. Speculation once more drives the oil market and attacks our bottom line.

In case nobody has noticed, the Feds under Obama are sticking it to us more and more every day. The control of our lives that they are pushing for, closely resembles the movie/book 1984.

Maybe it’s time for the Feds to actuall stand up and show they have some real gonads. Time to do something for our country that actually makes sense and would do us some good in the future. Our country has hundreds of millions of barrels of oil located in “protected” areas coast to coast. Many wells have already been drilled but capped because of some stupid fears of “contamination” or just plain stupidity.  The “green groups”, various conservationists, nimby and protectionists do everything in their power to keep us from drilling and getting access to our own vast oil reserves.

Am I the ONLY person that gets tired of the Liberals & Conservationists trying to control everything from what we say, eat, wipe our butts with or do with our resources? It’s PAST time to put America first and say to hell with some stupid bug, fish, bird, frog or weed that is on a dumb ass list because it is “endangered” If the idiots that come up with these lists had lived when dinosaurs roamed we would be looking over our shoulders every time we walked out the door for fear of getting eaten. What are they going to do when someone finally comes up with a sure fire way to kill all the cockroaches on the planet – prohibit it and put THEM on the “endangered list”? Our planet WILL survive and so will we!

It’s time to “man up” Uncle Sam and tell the States that they need to do their part to support our country. The money they will make from various fees and taxes will help them cover their own expenses. Time is wasting, the idea of $10 a gallon for gas SUX! Wake up and smell the coffee!

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