Posted by: Frank | 02/06/2011

The Fear of Fox News!

So…  What is your news source of choice? There a lot of places to gather daily news, both of the world and our country or State. We have newspapers, TV, Internet, iPhones, word of mouth – to name a few.  If you are simple minded it is easy to pick one of the traditional “Main Stream” sources and nod your head like a bobble Obama and walk away happy AND misinformed.

The “mainstream” press and the left wing as well as many Dems have an almost insane fear of Fox News. If you are the least bit curious, you might want to check them out. They are the only News organization that will actually give you both sides of a story. They even have left wing nuts on staff that spew out their dribble and get paid for it. How many of the other Networks have opposing views of ANY issue, let along the important ones that we all care about?

A recent letter to the editor in WHT bashed Fox for various “misrepresentations” yet he authors “facts” were just a tad obscure. It seemed that he watched just one segment of the news that have exact numbers the ASSUMED that everything they say is wrong or out of touch.

This writer spouted the fact that the South Tower of the world trade center had a mosque on the 17th floor before they were destroyed so why should people be upset if a new Mosque is built next door? Talk about out of touch – this writer must have forgotten WHO destroyed the Twin Towers! Is there a “DUHH” in here someplace? Tha attitude of people change when there is an outside influence and someone (or group) changes your life and future! There is still a lot of pain being felt by the people close to this tragedy, what was “warm and fuzzy” before 9/11 is NOT today.

So the opponents of Fox News will point out any mistake or inaccurate story from them (which they always correct) yet they listen to the one sided dribble from all the Mainstream Media. If they would watch both (as do my wife and I) they might be just a little more informed about what is happening in our Country and around the world.

How many of the networks gave us the true facts about unemployment rate falling? It dropped four points, mainly because people quit looking for jobs so aren’t being reported. NOT because there are more jobs available.

We all know that the Obama Gang doesn’t like Fox so if nothing else that should give you some incentive to check it out. Today on fox you will get to see Bill O’Reilly interview Obama – the first time he has had the guts to sit down with a Fox News person that doesn’t kiss his ass. It should be good but DON’T WATCH IT BECAUSE IT IS ON FOX!!  Bull Shit!

Here is a chance to make up your own mind without listening to the fear mongers that don’t want you to make your own jugement call.


  1. FUXNewstainment give both sides of a story…. Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha.
    That’s like Joseph Goebbels supporting all Zionist bankers… Ha Ha Ha.

    I study media and the only side FUXNewstainment supports is that of the GOP and their paid pundits. There was a time the local FOX network news used to report both sides of the local issues, but not anymore. GOP politics and agendas have filtered down the FUX media poopchute to infect even those once “fair and balanced” local issues.

  2. So, what does a person who “studies media” have to say about our Main Stream Obama ass kissing media? Are we to believe that they report ANYTHING even remotely close to a fair and balanced news?

    Obviously your contact with Fox has been limitted and you listen to other left wing nuts that cann’t stand Beck or Hannity – the two shows I am NOT fond of. Fox news in the ONLY news that will have “left & right” sitting at the same table talking about issues that you can form your own opinion about.

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