Posted by: Frank | 02/16/2011

Unemployment – How High Is It?

This is another tricky one for you folks so – RAISE YOUR HAND if you THINK you know what the unemployment number is in the USA.

How many have seen the numbers on network television recently?  I would bet IF you saw them at all,  the last number you saw was around 9%

Well, as usual, FOX news is the only network that is willing to put up actual numbers as reported by the folks in Washington.

The ACTUAL unemployment rate is !6% – this number includes people that have just stopped looking – in case you haven’t figured it out – when a person stops looking and is still unemployed, they should still be counted as UNEMPLOYED! The Obama gang wants the numbers to LOOK good so they can pretend they are creating more jobs than they actually are.

Way to go gang – I’m impressed – NOT!!

Thanks AGAIN FOX for reporting the facts, not the lies the White House and it’s left wing news organizations want us to believe.


  1. Thanks, great post. I wish more blog owners will take time to properly write and review. Many thanks.

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  3. How do you know what the number is for those that have stopped looking? I think any number is fictional whether it is high or low but the fact is the method for calculating the number is the same method that has been used for years. If you are looking to critique ir nhere are so many that go into Thank you FOX news for reporting another “real” unemployment number.

  4. The end got messed up on the last post. Meant to say if you are going to question the numbers now go back and question the numbers for the past thirty years. I’m sure the number should always be higher.

  5. I am sure that the number in the past were also skewed but the issue here (in my opinion) is that if Bush (any republician) was president with our economy in such a mess, the left wing & liberal press would be using the “real” numbers as front page stories EVERY month. Our current administration and the press go out of their way to mask the real numbers.

    • So you are claiming there is a conspiracy between Obama’s administration and the owners of the “liberal” press? Moreover, in your opinion the “liberal” press is everybody BUT Fox news? Sounds like a bit of a reach, don’t you think?

  6. Obviously you’ve been asleep for AT LEAST 10 years, maybe longer. The VERY left wing press bashed Bush ever chance it got, seldom saying anything good. As soon as Obama tossed his “organizer” hat in the ring, the mainstream press/media started kissing his ass and never quit. Once in awhile you see some minor story bashing him but seldom anything serious, they still have so much shit on their respective noses that they can’t smell how bad he is… Tell me another network/media output that even TRIES to give you both side of ANY story. I watch them all from time to time just to see if there are any changes… NOPE.. If i want BOTH sides of a story i go to FOX.

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