Posted by: Frank | 02/19/2011

Federal Spending a Ponzi Scheme?

This is a reprint from an interview with Bill O’Reilly – think about it.

By Hiram Reisner

Former Minnesota governor and presumed presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty Wednesday said President Barack Obama should “not run around the world apologizing,” and warned his global view is going to “get the country in big trouble.”

Pawlenty, who would not confirm seeking the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, also told Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly that Obama lacks a sense of urgency in dealing with the faltering U.S. economy, branding federal spending “a Ponzi scheme.”

pawlenty, obama, views, troublesome“There is a sense – and I know this gets tossed around but I think it’s true – he doesn’t view America’s role in the world as exceptional,” Pawlenty said, adding that Obama’s propensity to not accentuate moral stances worldwide, “is going to get him in big trouble; going to get the country in big trouble.”

“You asked him in that interview [before] the Super Bowl . . . ‘ Would you allow or would you encourage the Muslim Brotherhood to be the victor or lead the country of Egypt?’ He wouldn’t say no. He ducked the question,” Pawlenty said. “You have the president of the United States sitting in the White House saying, ‘you know, I’m kind of indifferent about that, I choose not to comment.’ That’s preposterous.”

O’Reilly asked Pawlenty, who has written a new book, “Courage to Stand: An American Story,” what he considers to be Obama’s other vulnerabilities.

“Well, there are some big issues that are going to lurk beyond the moment. One is the Ponzi scheme, that is the federal government and [its] spending patterns, and his lack of urgency, and sense of seriousness about that, to tackle it boldly, [that] concerns me a great deal,” Pawlenty replied. “I think that’s going to be a huge issue.”

O’Reilly then asked whether Pawlenty thought Obama was “soft.”

“Bullies and thugs respect strength. They don’t respect weakness,” Pawlenty said. “We need somebody to stand up, particularly the president – a leader of the free world and leader of our country – to not run around the world apologizing.”

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