Posted by: Frank | 02/21/2011

Go Wisconsin GOP!!!

Time to raise your hands again – do you know that UNIONS spend $200 MILLION during the major campaign cycles – MOST of it going to Democrats.

More power to the Wisconsin Governor and the Republicans. It’s time to slap the unions down, and work on saving the economy. Feel free to check the facts, Union members have more benefits, higher pay and a retirement plan that far exceeds the private sector OR our MILITARY (who put their lives on the line daily) than their equals that are non-union.

If you don’t think UNIONS are an issue, just look at our own legislators and the Unions In Hawaii – bought and paid for from the Governor on down – and the GOVERNOR is proud of the fact that he is able to buy the Union votes with favors / money.  If you recall, his first week in office he released over $100 Million in funds (that the State couldn’t afford) to put his union friends back to work, coming up with the lame excuse that “furloughs didn’t save any money”.

I am a believer in fair pay for a days work, I think Teachers on the whole are hard workers but i also believe that there is a lot of dead wood in the system as well as some VERY overpaid administrators, some of which are worthless. Time for the DOE to get off their butts and clean up the department, cut costs, fire the people that aren’t carrying their weight.

Check out the transportation (or whoever it is that maintains our roads) department and count the number of times you see road work being done and there or half a dozen guys/gals standing around while one or two people are working.

Why do you think it costs so much to build things on Hawaii? Why do you think companies want to bring in their own construction crews when they build? Could it be that the cost of Union labor here is through the roof and it is actually cheaper to import non-union labor, pay all the costs of housing, insurance, and everything else  and still come in on time and under budget.

The Unions have served their purpose – we don’t want to dismantle them, just limit their power. The do serve some good when it comes to making sure established rules are enforced – no child labor, equal pay for equal work, no sweet shops..  Check out and see what the union leaders are making every year and the power they have to make decisions “in the name of the workers”. It sux!

Feel free to disagree – lmk


  1. The more we hear about the protests in WI, the more we see of the hypocrisy of the Unions and their pawns, the Democrats they control. The Unions are the ones that continued to accuse the TeaParty of violence which was never proven, now we are seeing that they find it easy to condemn but not so easy to play by the peaceful rules. It’s not hard to see that the Union Leaders are instigating the protests.

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