Posted by: Frank | 02/26/2011

Question for Union Workers!

” I have a question for any Union workers reading my Blogs – WHEN your lovely leaders decide they aren’t making enough money or have enough perks, have they (Union leaders) EVER JUST ASKED FOR A COST OF LIVING INCREASE?

From what i’ve seen (feel free to correct me with FACTS) every time they look for raises it’s NOT just money – it’s MONEY AND benefits – including medical, retirement, vacation, sick time, baby time, watching the baby time, holidays, “almost” holidays and every other damn thing they can think of!

THAT’S WHAT’S costing EVERY American that purchases a product, drives a car, eats, sleeps, breaths or just “wants to get along”. Union “raises” are CHOKING our economy including the States and Federal TAX $$ to death!

Do ANY OF YOU realize that the guys and girls that are DYING for our country are LUCKY to get a Cost Of Living Raise  – SOME YEARS! NO extra benefits, NO extra vacation days, NO extra sick days, NO extra retirement benefits!  Keep crying BUBBA – makes me feel REAL bad – FOR OUR MILITARY! ” While they DIE – your union leaders are sitting in their plush offices trying to come up with new ways to screw the companies you work for (or the state and local governments) and in the LONG TERM, every person that uses or buys the product you are providing.

President Regan had it right when the Air Traffic controllers went on Strike – bargain – Yup – FIRE THEM ALL AND START OVER! NOW would be a great time to do that, LOTS of people looking for work all over our Country, able to fill ANY job that opens up…  Think about it…


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