Posted by: Frank | 02/27/2011

Obama vs. State government

OK folks, it’s that time again! I would like you to think about this REAL hard b4 your RAISE YOU HANDS! 

When the Obama gang, led by Pelosi and Reid pushed the “stimulus” package down the throats of the Governors with the asinine promise that it would “help bring us out of the recession” – how many of you knew that once the money ran out, the States would once more be in serious trouble.

OK – by the show of hands I seen MOST of you are MUCH smarter than our Democrat politicians!

If you follow the News papers or network news you have been seeing that the Governors are asking the OBAMA GANG to NOT mess with things now that the money is running out. Many States did NOT want the Obama money, knowing it wouldn’t last forever and not wanting to be tied to the Federal Government problems.

If the Feds had kept their long noses out the State problems, it’s likely that the State Governors would have gotten the Unions to back off by now so we wouldn’t be having so many problems with them. It is obvious that every time the Feds stick their nose in someones business, they screw it up.

The States now depend on the Federal government for a lot of $$, it they (the Feds) keep having problems, including even a partial shutdown or adding to our increasing deficit, it will only hurt the States more.

How does the OBAMA GANG expect to keep borrowing $$ then “loaning” or giving it to the States yet claim to be helping them. This is something that only a DEMOCRAT would think of and actually believe it would work.

As long as DEMOCRATS have power anywhere, their goal is to TAX AND SPEND. They and their Liberal Left Wing Nut friends will go all out to keep their thumbs on the lives of the people they think need their help. They have no desire to to have “their voters” make something of themselves, get jobs, get off the “social programs” or make their lives worth living with out government interference.

Here is another opportunity to RAISE YOUR HAND!

There are a lot of young people that read my blogs – you may have figured out that i am not a friend of bleeding heart LIBERALS or the simple minded DEMOCRATS that want to keep you under their power. If you are 18 or will be in 2012 you will have a chance to speak out and let them know that YOU control your own destiny.

Hawaii is as close to a “slave state” as you can get in America, they control a large portion of your lives. In 2010 it will be your chance to decide if you want to continue to live under the oppressive Democrats and their continued handouts that rob you of your self respect. or make a life of your own for your self and family. Think hard my friends, think hard!


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