Posted by: Frank | 02/28/2011

SURPRISE!! Obama trying to Protect Unions!

In his speech this AM Obama made it clear to Governors that he didn’t want them to “vilify” unions. Are we surprised that ANY Dem wants to protect their CASH COW?!?

The Governors of many states realize that it’s the cost of supporting Unions and the benefits they demand that is a major anchor to balancing the budget and getting a handle on rising costs of government in general.

An article in the paper today also mentioned the fact that the Feds, via Obamacare, are pushing more medical expenses onto the States and Medicaid. Obama implies as all the various parts kick in, costs will go down – great thinking Mr Pres, by then, the States will be broke and the people in them would be on some kind of subsidised Federal Welfare.

Just watching the Dems and Obama in action is all the proof you need to show that they are STILL out of touch with the problems in America.

If you need ANY proof that the Unions are out of control, turn on your television – during the past election the Dems and all their supporters were bashing the Tea Party and accusing them of all sorts of bad things, all proven to be lies in an attempt to discredit their power.

Watch any news cast featuring the violence of the Union protesters – they are busing in people from all over in an attempt to gain support and strengthen their position. They are acting like the people in Egypt, attacking reporters and anyone that doesn’t think their way.

You’ve got the proof that Unions are out of control – pay attention to it…


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