Posted by: Frank | 03/03/2011

Term Limits – THE TIME HAS COME!

This is another RAISE YOUR HAND moment!

How many of you vote for an incumbant because you are too lazy to check out the other folks running against them? Keep your hands up – I want to count them!  Yup, I thought so, way too many of you take the easy way out – the incumbant is “doing ok” so let’s keep them around..

Think about this for a moment – when you vote these jerks in time after time, they REALLY start to believe that all their VOTE SELLING, BACK DOOR DEALS, ARM TWISTING, CASH TO FRIENDS, ETC, ETC – meets with YOUR approval!!  DUH!! You are the ones that keep giving them the plush office, the power, the $$, the chance to BE a CROOK!

Check the stats, it’s YOUR responsibility to find out just what your representatives in the HOUSE and SENATE are doing WITH YOUR APPROVAL!

If you need an example, just look at OBAMACARE!  The back room deals, arm twisting, vote selling AND buying got us one MAJOR mess for a medical plan that will likely screw more people than it helps!

Why don’t you reflect for a few minutes and ASK YOURSELF – why do i want one of these guys that are WAY past their prime, can hardly use a computer, can’t hear the roll being called, falls asleep during the reading of a bill or vote taking, will sell their vote for a million dollar promise – WHY do I want this person passing laws and voting on things that affect my life and my children’s lives for years to come?

You will NOTE I have not picked on either Party! They both have representatives that need to retire, get a life. There is a time in a career politicians life when they are no longer looking out for the people that voted them in because they have lost contact with the real world.

It really is time for America to wake up and do what you have the power to do – fresh meat will have some problems but they will work out – what we have now SUX! Smell the coffee folks and stand up to be noticed – TERM LIMITS NOW! 

Call, write, email, send paper airplanes, carrier pigeons, tweet, blog – let our legislators it’s time for REAL change, not a bunch of empty promises, TIME TO START FRESH!

When we kick Obama out, we can kick a lot of trash out at the same time..  Check their records, time to WAKE UP AND MAKE FRESH COFFEE!



  1. Simply put. Nice 🙂

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