Posted by: Frank | 03/05/2011

Energy and America

I know, I know – I’ve posted on those issues before but it’s important!

There is a time when people need to wake up and smell the Bullshit! We all know that our country is the greatest country in the world! We are IN FACT a melting pot, our love of life, adventure, spirit, desire to help others. Without a doubt we are the MOST generous country in the World! Have doubts, check our record for whenever or wherever there is a disaster or people are hurting. 

With all this compassion and generosity, all our skills and money, all our sense of adventure – we still can’t support ourselves, we count on 3rd world countries to supply us with some of the most important things we need – including – OIL!

You ALL know that our lack of oil is our own fault, nobody elses. Our own State and Federal government buckles to the minority NIMBY folks, tree huggers, conservationists and any other loon that comes along and bitches.

We are a NATION that digs DEEP when other people need help but when WE need something, we sit on our hands and bow to every Tom, Dick & Harry that wants to keep us dependent on foreign Oil.

Do you believe in conspiracy theories?  How about this one:

The major supporters of these Anti Drill & develope our own Oil idiots are paid lackeys of the foreign oil companies… They are on the payroll and cause all these issues, guide the protests, help shape the laws, keep us from self support.

How’s that for a theory??

Hundreds of millions of barrels of Oil just waiting to be found and brought to the surface.  We have the technology to drill safely and get this oil to the surface if the law didn’t screw the developers.

Time for “WE THE PEOPLE” to start asking questions and demand some changes!

Think about it – it doesn’t cost u a cent to THINK!


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