Posted by: Frank | 03/10/2011


The Senate Democrats in Wisconsin were total idiots! They brought the problems on themselves. Since when has running away from a problem been an answer to anything. 

SO – because they were STUPID – the rest of the country is supposed to fell sorry for them and the unions – BLAAAAHHHHHHH!

Now the idiots that brought this on themselves are trying to say that they “undid 50 years of civil rights” – what in hell are they talking about? What does “civil rights” have to do with collective bargaining?

A GOGGLE search tells us:

Civil rights are considered the natural rights. This set of laws was established to promote freedom and equality among the citizens of a democratic nation. Civil rights protect the citizens from discrimination based on race, class, gender, religion, age, nationality, political party, and disability.

So where in that discription does it talk about “collective bargaining”?  One of the major problems in todays society is that when something doesn’t go our way – WE BLAME EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE PROBLEM!


What more do the Dem’s and the Unions want? If the Senators aren’t going to do their jobs, it’s time for someone to do it for them.

Feel sorry for the unions in Wisconsin, not a chance!

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