Posted by: Frank | 04/05/2011

In case you HAVEN’T heard!

Our dear President has already tossed his hat in the ‘ring’ and is asking his fan club to give him a BILLION DOLLARS (YUP – billion with a BIG “B”) to once again buy the Presidency in 2012 – that’s $1,000,000,000 in COLD HARD CASH!  a Billion dollars to re-elect a socialist LIAR that has done more harm to America in two years than any president (person) in the History of the United States!

Obama ran once on hope. This time he will run on his record as well. That means voters will EVALUATE him on what he has OR HASN’T gotten done, including laws to reshape health insurance VIA – OBAMACARE by buying legislative votes via giving billions of dollars to support the UNIONS along with the Wall Street (BAILOUT) behavior, INCREASED THE NATIONAL DEBT BY TRILLIONS OF $$ and the MANY promises he has not delivered upon, including immigration reform and closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Let’s not forget Unemployment – the REAL numbers of almost 16%, not the bogus crap they are feeding the news media.

OBAMA and his gang of thugs led by Nancy and Neil have SCREWED America since he took office. He and his buddies smile about it as they continue to dump sand in the Vaseline and slap their insane supporters on the back. (if u need me to translate that statement you aren’t old enough to read this or have led a VERY sheltered life)

Think about this when his zombies send you email or come around with their false smiles and hands held out – Take the $$ you would throw away by supporting them AND DONATE IT TO A GOOD CAUSE – SPCA, Red Cross, Cancer Society, NRA anything that will help AMERICANS – not the losers that are running up our National Debt and selling out America!

Wake up folks – do we WANT another Jimmy Carter (or worse) for a SECOND TERM?  LOL!




  1. Just a follow-up on this post. can any of you imagine paying over $25,000 to set around an watch this “organizer” eat then stand up and go table to table kissing the asses of all the people that were dumb enough to pay for the “privilege” of having dinner with him? Oh -I forgot, you DO get a photo to remind you just how stupid you are! Why wouldn’t a person with that kind of money to throw away just donate it to a home for children or unwed mothers or the SPCA or even the NRA – do some good and feel better in the morning instead of getting that empty sick to your stomach feeling when you realize you have just helped an incompetent president buy his chance at a second term

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