Posted by: Frank | 04/08/2011

We will now see just how gullible the Dems are…

  • President Barack Obama’s supporters are being asked to really put their money where their mouths are: Tickets for a fundraising dinner this month in San Francisco are going for $35,800. And that’s a person, not per couple.
  • This is just the start of his “BUY THE OVAL OFFICE A SECOND TIME” campaign – only this time he wants a BILLION DOLLARS ($1,000,000,000) to make sure he can buy enough independent votes and really gullible Republicans once again.
  • Keep a list & check it twice – if there are actually people out there willing to pay this amount of money to help a worthless president get re-elected we have a bigger problem than we thought!
  • There are a LOT of homeless and hungry people in the San Francisco area – wouldn’t that money do a lot of good towards helping them?
  • I will admit the man has a major set of Brass ones – driving America into poverty, doesn’t keep promises, starts another war, lies to the public, buys votes, spends more time campaigning than doing his job. 
  •   YUP – he’s sure brought CHANGE to Washington!  BULL SHIT!

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