Posted by: Frank | 04/16/2011

Anyone can make a DIFFERENCE!

For those of you (In Hawaii) that think your voice won’t be heard – remember the recent vote regarding the GET tax increase! When our clueless Governor advocated an increase in the tax, there was an uproar that even Abercrombie could hear. People sent Emails and called their respective representatives to complain about the proposed tax increase.  Obviously our voices were heard and the tax increase was rejected!

We all know that this isn’t the end – one way or another they will raise taxes on things we need and have no other choice but to pay or do without.

BUT you can STILL tell these spending fools – especially our worthless Governor –  how you feel and what you will do during the next election cycle.

Our STATE and our COUNTRY is in a bind because a few ignorant people think they can SPEND us out of recession and that they can use TAXPAYER money to buy their voters loyalty (remember our current Governor giving away thousands of “free” meal tickets during his election bid – all he wanted was to buy some votes?). In case you HAVEN’T noticed, everything they spend comes back and bites us ALL on the BUTT!!

CAREER politicians (like Abercrombie) have NO SHAME – they lie to you, buy you a lunch, look you in the eye, smile, make like a “bobble head doll” as you talk to them then stab you in the back as soon as you are out of ear shot.

Time to wake up! When you see CAREER politicians support someone they KNOW is bad for our State, County or Country (recall our last election and some of the people that supported Abercrombie at the last minute) – u know THEY CAN’T BE TRUSTED EITHER!  Do yourself and the rest of us a FAVOR as the elections draw nearer and the CRAP starts to spew from the mouths of these numbskulls – PAY ATTENTION!

You can start with OBAMA and his BILLION DOLLAR RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN!  The man is a FOOL – anyone should see that by now! What ever money you think about throwing away by supporting him, donate it to your local food bank, pet shelter, Red Cross or ME!  (I need a new car and I don’t have Taxpayer Money to buy one).

Seriously – pay ATTENTION!!  Just because you are a Union Worker, Democrat, Liberal, Independent or Republican – IT DOESN’T MEAN YOU’RE STUPID AND CAN’T THINK FOR YOURSELF – Try it, you might like it!!




  1. Most Republicans and Democrats think their own party’s vice presidential candidate will win the debate, though Republicans are more confident than Democrats. More independents are predicting a Ryan victory.

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