Posted by: Frank | 04/23/2011

Have You Noticed?

Ever since Obama announced that he is going to run for a second term, all he has done is just that!  He spends more time promoting himself that he does working on the problems of our country.

OBAMA has yet to figure out that we have massive debt, high unemployment, three wars and no serious budget – yet all Obama and his tribe can do is campaign. He goes from city to city spouting his worthless dribble about how great he is and how bad all the Republicans are.

If anyone knows how to compile the data on how many hours (months) Obama has spend traveling the country promoting himself AND the hundreds of millions of dollars that it has cost AMERICAN TAXPAYERS to finance his tours of self promotion, please step forward with the information.

Perhaps we could send Obama a bill for his wasteful gallivanting when we vote him out of office in 2012!

To quote David Limbuagh:   “Hindsight confirms what many of us predicted: Obama’s stimulus did not stimulate. Unemployment became much worse, and the debt continued to explode. Obama’s solution was to ignore the entitlements issue and devise new ways to bankrupt the nation, from cap and trade to Obamacare to reversing welfare reform. Finally, everyone started to recognize our impending national financial crisis, thanks to the alternative media and the tea party. Obama went through the motions of establishing a “bipartisan” deficit commission, but when it recommended remedial action, he shelved it.”

So far Obama has made no effort to listen to the voice of the public he is supposed to serve, he only plays his to own agenda while America goes down the drain.

How long is it going to take before Americans tell OBAMA where to shove his policies and dump him!

It’s time for change – REAL CHANGE – IMPEACH THIS A-HOLE!

This has been a free for nothing opinion provided by yours truely and no expense to anyone but myself..



  1. I take it, you don’t like President Obama much, do you???

    • A very good observation – he is doing his best to destroy America and the Left Wing Nuts are in his pocket.

  2. I wonder, does he accomplish all that by just continuing the Bush policies, including foreign policy as well as tax breaks and bailouts, or is there more that meets the eye???

  3. I think if you check you will see that Obama is making his own mistakes, it’s been two years and all he has done is break promises, shoved Obamacare down our throats. He has NO plan to help America, just continue to screw us!

    • Obama does make his mistakes, but his biggest ones have so far been his steadfast continuation of the Bush course (cfr. “Stay the course”). The reckless American invasion of Iraq and the subsequent quagmire have no doubt contributed to the current mess enjoyed by the world at large and America in particular. On-going wars in the Af-Pak Theatre, Iraq, and now Libya, with minor military interventions in Yemen and other locations does take its toll on the overall health of the budget. And, I am not even going to mention the global spread of U.S. bases. As for the healthcare issue, from personal experience, I know that the current situation is untenable and the big stick in the room that remains unmentioned is the deductable . . . which means that you need to be nearly dead before the insurance even kicks in. Oh well, but I am sure that a good Death Panel or two, supervised by the big companies, will take care of that defect as well, turning nearly into completely.

  4. Well, not doubt WAR SUX and I make no excuses for the Iraq war, Bush should just have had Saddam killed and saved us a war. Afghanistan is a diff story, we should have nuked them at the beginning. Now that Osama is dead it would be nice if things kooled off but we know the terror isn’t going to stop. As for Obamacare, it just plain sux, too many back door deals made to push it through. Vote selling to pass a bill is never good and so far we haven’t seen much good. Obama still sux – a smooth tongued blowhard left wing nut.

  5. Well, i find it hard to believe that the war in Afghanistan was all about Oil or a pipeline. It would take some cold hard facts to convince me, more than just someone’s suspicion.

    We all know Health care under the Obama plan sux, it was made up by the Dems, no input from the Republicans and crammed down the throats of even his own supporters and the American people. His way of doing business is to bribe people to vote for his pet projects that have no merit.

    • Well, you could have a look at this: 9/11 and the occupation of Afghanistan (, and for the healthcare issue, isn’t it the case that the new regulations will be most beneficial to the insurance companies???

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