Posted by: Frank | 04/27/2011

BIG NEWS OF THE YEAR!! OBAMA hands it over!

Ok people, time to get worried – the fact that Obama and his Czars finally gave up his “actual” birth certificate should MAKE US ALL NERVOUS!!

Why at this time, after three years of fighting the release, do they decide to release his certificate?

There is so much happening in the world, so many things that Obama and the White House is screwing up, it’s time to be REAL concerned about what is happening while all the hoopla is going on about Obama’s Birth Certificate!

Keep watching folks, watch the UNIONS,  watch what the FED is doing as well as what’s happening with  Obamacare… 

Be sure to look over your shoulder and have your vaseline handy, I WILL BET YOU WILL NEED IT SOON!



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