Posted by: Frank | 04/29/2011

Longer school day requirement delayed.

“Teachers and their labor union complained that they shouldnt be required to do more work without more pay.”

So, this is what “we” think of the proper Education for the children of Hawaii. It seems that It’s still about the money, nothing more. Some of the children are in school for three hours of “instruction” a day. How many hours are the teachers committed to each day? How much instruction, prep, free, etc? When does their day start, end? What are their overall responsiblities, what conditions do the UNIONS put on their work day, what are they allowed to do without the UNIONS coming down on them for doing too much.

If the Teachers UNION is like most other UNIONS we hear about, there is no incentive for trying to excel in your job, no encouragement when it comes to give a little extra to the people you serve (in this case the children). Do the Teachers have to look over their shoulders when they are working for fear of the UNIONS coming down on them or someone turning them in for going the extra mile?

We hear a lot of stuff about how much people care about the children but everything we are hearing leads many of us to think otherwise.

It’s time for a full audit of our school day/system and what the teachers and administrators are doing for their money. An INDEPENDENT audit, in fact I will volunteer to be on the panel – as a concerned citizen, and they don’t have to pay me for it.

Do we need to be hit over the head? The Unions and the Democrats they control seem to think of one thing – it’s about the Money stupid!

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