Posted by: Frank | 05/02/2011

Osama vs. Obama

Congratulations to our MILITARY!!!

OK, I will be the first to admit that i didn’t think Obama would have the balls to give permission to kill the son of a bitch. I would have bet Obama’s left nut that he would bow to LEFT WINGNUT BLEEDING HEART LIBERALS and insisted that Osama be captured alive so that we could bring him to trial.  Then they would have found some slick lawyers that would have done their best to save his life and the son of a bitch would have been a pain in the ass in our dumb ass  justice system for the next 40 years.   So – Hoo Rah!!! (or whatever the Navy Seals say)!

I’m not sure i believe in “closure” but if there is such a thing, this could be it for thousands of people around the world that were hurt by this ASS and the idiots that listen to him.

As for giving OBAMA any credit for this great event – BULLSHIT!  He is our leader, no matter what we think if him as a person, he is still that. We CAN acknowledge the FACT that he did his JOB for one of the few times since he was elected to office, he gave the word to take the shit-head out. If he hadn’t done that and word had gotten out, he would be out of office so fast the ink on his birth certificate wouldn’t have time to dry (just kidding)!

The best thing FOR NOW IS that we can stand up and be PROUD!  Proud  that we didn’t quit, WE got him – AMERICANS killed him and HE KNEW IT WHEN THEY DID!  Now, with any luck, any DUMB ASS TERRORISTS that think they can live A HAPPY LIFE with immunity if they attack our country will hopefully have second thoughts.

For the rest of us, life goes on and we can be satisfied that AMERICA & President Bush, has kept one VERY BIG PROMISE! I could only be happier if it had happened on Bush’s watch but we can’t have everything.

Mahalo once more to our FANTASTIC Military – it was a job well done!

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