Posted by: Frank | 06/17/2011

Sock it to Taxpayers with a NEW Mileage TAX!

Time to raise your hands again!!  Is what we are hearing FACT OR FICTION – Many of the States and the Federal Government are looking into slapping us with a new TAX, we will be required to pay a, as yet unspecified, tax on the miles we drive our car each year. It’s an even bet that they won’t do away with the gasoline or sales tax attached to fuel currently. So, once more we will be nailed with a TAX ON A TAX, the very thing we hate.

Where do we, as taxpayers, finally get ahead? They want us to cut back on our gas consumption, drive less so we don’t import so much oil, then they kick us in the ass for doing what they ask by hitting us with another TAX as a reward.


Many of our legislators (Including Democrats) admit that Obama and his policies have not worked, they also admit that we have billions of barrels of Oil and Gas reserves on American soil. The key TODAY as it was in the ’70’s is -DRILL!

We hear all kinds of excuses on WHY NOT drill, most of them bogus, supported by Liberal left-wing nuts and conservationists that don’t want to hurt some bug, flower or frog. Then we have the NIMBY NUTS that want to stop progress no matter what good it will do for our country or population. We’ve had 40 years to develop our own resources and the Career POLOTICIANS, worrying more about getting re-elected than what is good for the people, just keep sitting on their hands and kissing the asses of the people who elect them.

Please note – I didn’t say THIS ONE WAS ON THE DEMOCRATS ALONE!  It’s both parties that share the responsibility for our country being in the spot we are in. Neither will stand up against the Left Wing establishment and make the tough decisions. They both have this convoluted fear of losing the power of their office. It’s a sad state of affairs when they put their own self-interest ahead of what is good for the whole then make a bunch of excuses as to WHY we have problems.

So, the question remains – do WE, as taxpayers – the people that pay the salary for these bozos – just sit on OUR hands and let them screw us again – or do WE stand up and be counted? If you are reading this you have access to the Internet. If you are reading this you can do a search on who is representing you at the state and federal level. If you are reading this YOU can email every one of them and tell them NO on the mileage TAX and to get off their asses and approve more drilling! IT WILL NOT CURE OUR PROBLEM TODAY – BUT it will go a long way towards curing the problems of our future!

BTW – for those of you that think the ELECTRIC car is going to save us…  Compare the costs of owning, maintaining and following one on a road where you can’t pass them – THEY SUCK!


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