Posted by: Frank | 06/18/2011

To many “Wieners” like Weiner working as Legislators!

If our latest scandal in Washington doesn’t help convince you that we NEED TERM LIMITS, they I’m talking to a bunch of Idiots.

If you look at our history, it is full of various types of scandal from both memberships. It doesn’t necessarily make a difference whether you are a Democrat or Republican. For men in particular (it seems) after a certain amount of time in politics you just naturally seem to let the power take over your wiener and start screwing things up.

The main difference is what the response to these issues might be by the various Party’s.

If a REPUBLICAN screws the pooch, the Liberals, left-wing nuts and the Democrats jump on them like a fly to fresh cow poop! The ACLU and all their buddies start jumping up and down as if they are walking bare foot on hot coals. They, along with the Liberal Media (always on the side of the self prescribed righteous liberals) will do everything they can to scandalize the poor slob that screwed up and push them out of office either by voluntary means or treats.

The Republican offender more times that not removes himself from his position sooner rather than later, even though the media will continue to publicize the issue long after he is gone and will continue to bring it up for years afterward.

When a DEMOCRAT screws the pooch (or someone elses) the Liberal Left and the Dems in general along with the Left headed Media gather around the poor slob and start making excuses for what he did and letting anyone that wants to listen that it was no big deal. They “hem & haw” hoping that the rest of us forget about the “minor indiscretion” committed by their fellow lawmaker.

It’s no secret that out Legislators have a double standard that is pretty much upheld by the press. Look back as far as the Kennedy’s if you have doubts – one gets away with Murder and His State keeps electing him to office. In the eyes of the Liberals he dies – years later – a hero to liberal causes – what a sick joke.

Sometimes life isn’t fair but we CAN level the playing field a bit – TERM LIMITS – throw the bums out before they get entrenched and screw things up!  aloha


  1. For those of you that don’t know it, our Legislators are “public servants”. We elect them to do a job for US. We pay them, give them lots of perks and they are supposed to represent what we believe in and want.

    Knowing that – If Weiner was a Teacher, Policeman, Fireman – and flashed his Wiener around for everyone to see, there would have been such an outcry that we would hear it from coast to coast. He would be fired, maybe arrested, labeled as a pervert and put on “the list” for the rest of his life.

    BUT – since he is only a Democrat and a Politician, it’s all right and he just has to say he’s sorry.

    IT SUX!!

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