Posted by: Frank | 06/27/2011

More proof your Governor is a ASS!

For months the army has been trying to get permission to do some additional helicopter high-altitude  training on the Big island, the perfect place for the kind of training they are needing before being deployed to Afghanistan.  They are doing it right, working with the right people, doing all the paperwork, trying to be good partners of the care and feeding of our island.

Between the left-wing nuts delaying the process and our idiot Governor it looks like the Army will be doing much of  it’s training on the Mainland, taking the $$ our Island could sourly use with them. This not only takes money from Hawaii but costs the government another $11 million taxpayer dollars.

Now Gov. Neil Abercrombie has informed the Army it must conduct a state
environmental assessment in addition to a federal environmental assessment to use six existing landing zones high on the slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa. Abercrombie said in his June 20 letter, “I’m certain with a little good will and focused attention we can get this (state environmental study) done with
dispatch.” (several months at least, well past the deadline for the current training needs).

The Army is once again jumping through the hoops in an attempt to comply and get their training back on track.

What asinine thing is the Governor and the Nuts he loves come up with next?

Three and a half more years of this Idiot!

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