Posted by: Frank | 07/16/2011

The problem with Liberals



“As I read the paper this morning I had a brief thrill as i read about a liberal group that was talking about  withholding funds for Obama’s re-election campaign! The “thrill” was very brief as I read more of the article! My belief that 90% of america’s liberals are in fact born without brains was once more re-affirmed!”

The above was my opening paragraph for this Blog Post almost 18 months ago – I have since changed my opinion of liberals. They are NOT brainless, they are idealists with goals and desires that WILL NOT WORK in our society! Because of that and because THEY KNOW IT, they want to change America so it will fit their way of thinking!

“After the first encouraging paragraph the article went on to state that they (the group) would withhold campaign FUNDS if there were cuts in some key spending programs that they cared about but that they would still support voting for the idiot! “

When I wrote the above, I actually had hopes that Americans, liberals in particular, would wake up and realize that the man they elected in 2008 was a complete and total fool! I was wrong!

“What part of idiot do these people not understand? They are so wrapped up in their own little fantasy world where they think they can do everything for everybody and that it’s the government’s responsibility to made sure that everybody is happy and healthy that they have lost touch with the real world around them!”

Yes, I still believe Obama is an idiot, not in the sense of ‘intellect’ but believing that he, a clueless delusional ‘organizer’ with no leadership experience could actually be a world leader and help guide America into the future of power and prestige that we deserve!

“How these dim wits fail to see that our slick president is defecating on the very foundation of what makes America unique is beyond belief.”

Ok, I still believe in most of what I said in the above line but am trying to give them some benefit of the doubt, IT’S DIFFICULT!

“It is obvious that the ” liberal” mentality is lacking a substantial amount of “grey matter” (brain cells – for the 10% of liberals reading this) in one specific area at least – that being common
sense! Listening to these liberals yapping is akin to listening to union bosses dictating what their base should do and who they should vote for at election time. These “group leaders” don’t think the rank and file can make serious decisions on major topics that affect their lives every day.”

The above still applies today, I fail to find any liberals, even today, that are willing to discuss the options when it comes to elections. The continue to have blind, UNFOUNDED faith in the people the DNC put in front of them. they have undying faith in people like Hillary that should be in JAIL rather than thinking about running for President!

“Of course the sad part is that they are right. Liberal rank in file, like union workers are largely made up of bobble heads and un-imaginative zombies content with listening to the garbage spewing from the mouths of their “leaders” and making no effort to discover what is happening in their world or check the “facts” that their leaders are vomiting forth for themselves.”

The above is still true today! Why do these people have such a hard time figuring out that they are being fed a line of shit!

“What most of these pathetic bobble-heads fail to remember is that even though they kiss the
respective asses of their “leaders”, when you’re in the voting booth these idiots are NOT standing next to you and have NO right to ask you how you voted!

Obama and his czars continue to attempt to scare or browbeat Americans into their way of thinking no matter what the adverse affect they have to our country! “

What I said above still applies, individuals have the ability to think for themselves, it’s a matter of choice, no one can MAKE you do something you don’t want to do, as Liberals they need to wake up and make some of their own decisions, it’s time to take back AMERICA! Quit letting a few dipshits screw us up!

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