Posted by: Frank | 07/20/2011

Voter ID’s

Once again we are lambasted with a
bunch of Liberal garbage when we read how much having a valid PHOTO
ID will hurt their favorite groups of people. Answer me this – how
do citizens 65 and older get access to Medicare or their SS benefits?

When I was forced into Medicare and
went to my first doctors appointment the FIRST question they asked me
was for a PHOTO ID! To prove who I was. So the garbage about seniors
over 64 SHOULD be a moot point – they should be REQUIRED to have
one if they want to receive their earned benefits.

Students – how many STUDENTS don’t
have a DRIVERS license at the very least? These Liberal dung heads
are telling us that we have thousands of college students running
around WITHOUT photo id?

Persons with disabilities – If they
want to vote there are ALWAYS ways. Most communities offer
transportation or go out of their way to make sure a disabled person
is allowed to cast their ballot.

General population – how do people
cash checks, use credit cards, buy cars, homes, get loans, hospital
care, any number of things that SHOULD require a VALID PHOTO ID!

In our world today – it is in YOUR
BEST INTEREST to have a photo ID – people that don’t have one are
likely the ones that are screwing with the system, getting Uncle Sam
(the taxpayers) to support them.

MAYBE they should add another small
caveat to the “right to vote” like prove you’ve paid taxes during
the current election cycle!  Would this make the Democrats and
Liberals blow their collective tops?! If they can’t buy votes with
promises of giving something free to them, likely they won’t get
voted into office since they have nothing of substance to offer the
rest of the population.

My question is, why don’t these
“non-whites” and over 64 seniors have photo ID’s? The “Liberal
Progressives” imply there are 65 MILLION people that CAN’T vote for
various reasons. That is 1 in 5 Americans one fifth of the
population! I would venture that 40 million of those people wouldn’t
vote if you offered to drive them to the voting machines. Try $100
bill and you would get their attention and buy their vote, something the dems are great at!

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