Posted by: Frank | 08/06/2011

Thank YOU Mr. President!

We can all THANK President Obama, his LIBERAL Base and the Democrats for the noted distinction of having our Credit rating being downgraded by S&P for the first time in the History of the United States!

If you’ve paid any attention, this means BORROWING costs for the United States is likely going to rise in the not to distant future.

Personally I think we should THANK the S&P for slapping the White House and Congress with a “Wake-Up” message in the hopes that they will get off their collective asses and reduce our DEBT before it comes the responsibility of our yet to be born children!

I have yet to see how OBAMA and his gang of thugs are going to BLAME this one on BUSH but i’m sure they are working on it behind closed doors.  WE all KNOW that they will for sure blame it on the Republicans, claiming that THEY (the Dems) are fault free.

So gang, do the research, WHO wants to give away the American Dream? WHO keeps advocating “tax the RICH, give to the POOR”? WHO does their best to hurt small business with excessive taxes? WHO IS JUST PLAIN STUPID?

Not for one moment do I think the Republicans are Blameless – THEY should have stuck by their guns and demanded a BIGGER cut in spending until the President and Dems folded!

OBAMA is a FOOL and those that support him are doing a FOOLS errand!

How much longer are these misguided Morons going to say asleep at the wheel. Time to Dump this looser, his supporters and get a FRESH start.

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