Posted by: Frank | 08/17/2011

Have YOU noticed?

Our dear President thinks the American Public is made up of a BUNCH OF IDIOTS!

His latest line of BULLSHIT (coming from the White House) is that his little Bus Tour is NOT ABOUT THE UPCOMING ELECTION!  He’s NOT campaigning! He’s just getting out and TALKING ISSUES TO THE PEOPLE!!


So, How many stupid people do we really have in America? Obviously a bunch since the elected this “do-gooder organizer” to the HIGHEST OFFICE IN THE LAND!

He continues to look down his nose at the PUBLIC HE IS PAID TO SERVE – YES Serve!  The MAN is in office to do a JOB and he spends more time on the road trying to shove his stupid ideas down the throats of the people who are tired of his garbage.

How much more of his bull will his numb skull faithful take before the FINALLY realize they made a HUGE mistake.

He IS our president and we do have to show Respect to the fact he is in that position – Kinda reminds me of my Military days – “an Officer is a Gentleman because of an ACT OF CONGRESS” – BUT they need to EARN THE RESPECT OF THOSE THEY COMMAND!

I do NOT believe OBAMA has EARNED anything – to date… He is a smooth talking, narrow-minded,  self indulging – ego manic.


In my next post I will tell you WHAT I REALLY THINK!  Aloha

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