Posted by: Frank | 09/30/2011

Week #3 cruise day 1

We were picked up at the RV joint by the tour bus
that was bringing us to the cruise ship. Martha had planned a slight detour via
a wildlife reserve that had many of the local animals including Bears, Deer,
Moose, lynx and a host of others. The next stop took us on the path to Whittier
tie secluded seaport surrounded by mountains an only accessible via a narrow
tunnel that accommodates a train or one lane traffic. The tunnel is a 2.7 mile
marvel that is the longest tunnel in North America. First nite out, first dinner
was a treat, ended up having prime rib with all the trimmings, very good if I
may say so.

Day 1

When the wife found out they had a Zumba class
she decided it was a good time to check it out. She had fun so, likely will try
it again when we get home. We also decided to do the Line dance lessons they
were giving. I tried it and made it through the first set when I decided I was
having too many problems with the inner ear thing so quit and let Martha do her
thing. I chose to walk around the deck and did a 1.2 mile walk while she did the
dance. Worked out great! One of our stops was at the Hubert glacier where we got
to watch it “Calve” several times, very exciting!

Day 2

The days
are not getting better as far as I am concerned, being sick (cold/flu) while on
vacation is NOT fun! Things were ok up until we got on the ship. I think I
picked something up the last day in the RV and it is a bitch! When the food
tastes like shit ya know something is wrong! Cruise of glacier bay, some small
calving, nothing really exciting. Anyway, we did get to go to see a good show
put on by the crew entertainers called, “last dance”. All things considered it
was a good day so, back to our room to watch a movie.

Day 3

Ok, being sick and freezing your ass off while waiting for your tour to start SUX!!
It’s nobodies fault that I’m sick but who knew how damn cold it would be! I
think I heard someone said it was 100 below zero! No really but it sure felt
like it! Our tour was at Skagway where we saw a bunch of eagles and salmon
spawning as well as seals and took a short but fun hike. We made it back to the
ship in time for our evening meal. One of the nice things for our sit-down meals
is that so far we have been lucky enough to be matched up with people that can’t
stand Obama! It’s amazing how many people don’t like that idiot, so just HOW did
he get elected in the first place?? After dinner we went back to our room then I
made it to the casino to loose some money – which I did!

Day 4

Ok, I had to do it before someone turned me in. Sneezing and coughing
plus the runny nose along with the medical alerts got me down to the medical
office. This was our day in Juno and I was about to be quarantined and stuck in
my room. Sure enough, doctor told me I would live but needed to stay away from
people for a day. So I stayed in the cabin and slept and watched TV while Martha
toured Juno. She did bring back a bunch of pix that she posted so I did see the
city, NOT the same thing!

Also want to thank my honey for bringing me my
meals instead of making me use the room service folks!

One of the things
I haven’t mentioned – we do have a nice cabin/stateroom BUT the shower was made
for 100 lb kids with no butts or boobs! If u know me, you know this does NOT
describe me in any shape or form. It was, without a doubt the worst part of the

Day 5

Our last stop in Alaska is a place called Ketchikan. I
was “released” by the medical staff because my temp was normal and felt good
enough to get out and share my germs with the local population. Ketchikan is An
interesting little town with lots of history. We did our own walking tour and
got to see most of the town, got some free Internet at the library and actually
spent some money and took a bunch of pix before making our way back to the

Day 6

A real struggle this day. Ruff seas and a tummy that
is not real happy with a rocking ship makes for a crappy day! Not much to talk
about so I won’t waste time painting u a picture of the day.

Day 7

Our last day and I admit I am ready to get my feet back on land! It has
been a fun cruise, the wife got to do her line dancing and rumba several times,
I got to gamble and actually came home with money. No, I didn’t win, I just
stopped playing before I gave them all my money. We had a great time, likely at
too much but don’t think we gained any weight. The fact is we are ready for next



  1. I thought your post was cool and will visit often.

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