Posted by: Frank | 10/11/2011

Wall Street Today

Anyone with common sense looks at the Wall Street protesters and has to laugh.   The Tea Party gota bad wrap from the liberals and Dems for everything they did, even though
they obeyed the law and seldom had any problems at their gatherings. They continue to get battered even though their ideas are sound.  This new bunch of protesters don’t even know what they are asking for, they  wrongly think that they have actually done something to deserve to reap the  rewards of the “rich” who have gone out and actually worked for a living (mostly – lol). What is the IQ of these people – quitting a job so they can  go to a protest
to complain about not having jobs? Now they are being  embraced by the Dems who advocate steeling from the rich and “giving to the poor”. Most of these protesters are clueless, they pay no attention to the fact that their buddies the Dems get their fair share of donations from “the
Rich” and the “greedy corporations”. The Dems are using the “fear card” in a hope to ride the wave and use these poor slobs to get Obama re-elected. Don’t we just love misguided socialists…

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