Posted by: Frank | 10/16/2011

Wall Street!

If what Martin Luther King III said about his father and his advocating “wealth distribution” is true, my respect for the man has dropped a big notch. Anyone that advocates taking from those that have earned their money and giving it to those that have NOT earned it, need to rethink the meaning of a Democracy. Our country was built on sweat and hard work, a place where your hard work would be rewarded and everyone had a chance to make something of themselves IF THEY WORKED HARD!

The “Wall Street Protesters” are currently being used by the Left Wing as a tool to promote their agenda and try to pass a worthless program that will only put us deeper in debt. The Democrat idea of printing more money and spending more with the minimal hope of creating a few jobs is nothing more than another Obama Joke, which is the definition for the first three years of his presidency.

I agree in part with the protesters – find them work! It’s time to put these people to work, there are more than enough things they can do to earn their unemployment benefits and welfare checks!  Our public buildings, parks, schools, streets and playgrounds – just to name a few, need help! So, if you get a check from State or Federal government, you pick from the available “jobs” and earn your $$ like the rest of us.

Listening to the ignorance like the garbage Al Sharpton is always spouting and blaming everyone BUT Obama’s gang for the problems we are having today and pushing to get Obama’s worthless “jobs” package passed is a joke that brings the left wing nuts to a fevered frenzy. His humorous statement, “this is not about Obama, this is about my mama.” should keep everyone laughing for weeks if not months!

The biggest joke regarding these protests is that most of the people attending them or supporting them have no clue on HOW to solve the problem(s) they are griping about, they just choose to waste their time and the resources of the local governments on being major pain in the butts. Of course we have the Left wing nuts coming out of the woodwork and trying to twist this towards helping Obama get re-elected.

What’s the answer to our problems? I’m no genius but dropping Capital Gains tax to a reasonable rate would be a great start. Encouraging growth in current  business by credits for hiring and training sure couldn’t hurt. Invite companies with “off shore” money to bring it back to the USA if they use a % for hiring new people or investing in the expansion of their business. Encourage individual investors that want to buy rental properties with a promise of lower interest rates if they pass the savings on to the future renters for some period of time. Tax reform should be at the top of the agenda with any programs that try to cure our problems with the economy.

The news today stated that the colleges are turning out people without the necessary skills to fill the hundreds of thousands of high paying jobs THAT ARE CURRENTLY available! Our colleges are turning our young people with no payable skill sets. A “liberal arts” degree is not the smartest thing to look at when you are going to college. We all know that there ARE JOBS available in most places if you want to work – the problem lies in the fact that many people that are complaining about not finding jobs aren’t interested in taking work that pays less then their benefits or welfare payments.

So, fix the problems – Tax reform, benefits reform & Term limits for House and Senate.  Couldn’t be simpler – you want to protest, there is your platform!

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