Posted by: Frank | 10/24/2011

Obama – Out of Control!

If ur paying attention the the news this AM – the Idiot we have for a President is planning to buy-pass Congress with his new Economic Plan. The stupid shit thinks he knows more than anyone else. He is making a desprate and brazen attempt to BRIBE Americans into voting for him in 2012.

He is advocating what is at best, refinancing unsecure loans with little or no confirmation that the loans will be paid back. He will be spouting his new plan soon in the effort to bribe hurting home owners and college students to vote for him in 2012  Typical Democrat policy – if you cant win by being honest, BUY, BUY, BUY YOUR VOTES!

Obama’s base are the people that are hurting the most and he is going out of the way to assure he is re-elected.

A recent quote from a Democrat – “you can’t make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit!” The amusing part was he was talking about a Republican when he should have been talking about his lovely Obama.

Promises Obama has already broken:

1. Close GITMO – which was a DUMB promise to begin with

2. immagration reform – not done!

3. bringing unemployment under control – no change or worse than he came into office.

4. OBAMACARE – NOT a promise, just a disaster for America – pushed by Pelosie, Reid and Obama

Then we have an idiot Vice President tht tries to scare the weak minded into thinking that Rape and Murder will increase if the Obama jobs bill doesn’t get passed.

Why do the Democrats keep supporting idiots like this – what are they thinking?


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