Posted by: Frank | 10/25/2011

Murder and RAPE will RISE if BIDDEN has his way!

With the typical brain of an Ant, VP Joe Bidden once more trying to scare Americans into taking on another tax burden caused by cities and states that over spent and bowed to Union pressure to reaise wages and benifits for Police, Fireman and Teachers.

Why should taxpayers pay for other peoples screw-up?

If you are a left Wing Nut, Liberal or Democrat then you are OBLIGATED to support the unions that have helped elect our numb nuts President and Vice President.

As with so much that comes out of Bidden or Obama’s mouths, his claim regarding Rape and Murder increasing is pure fiction. His words have been checked out and there is a link to give you the facts:

If it isn’t passing the blame for everything negative that happens onto Bush they they use the FEAR card to try to scare people into believing their bogus claims. Our current White House Resident and his clan are out of control!


OH – another tidbit regarding Obama’s “Jobs Plan” debunked by Fact Check:



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