Posted by: Frank | 10/31/2011

The Left & Lawyers – “Wall Street Protests”

OK – to those of you that think the “Wall Street Protesters” are the same as Tea Party activists (only a bit ‘left’ of center) I think you should take a closer look at what’s going on.

With the Tea Party protests, think back to how much damage was done to public or private property? How many violent confrontations were their with the local law enforcement? How many times did we hear of hundreds of lawyers across America come out of the wood work to defend the rights of the Tea Party protesters? For that mater, how many LAWS did the Tea Party folks actually break?

During our Tea Party protests (from the beginning to today?), how many times did you see actual physical confrontations between the police and the protesters? Do you recall days of rock throwing, tear gas etc?

How many lawyers stood up for the Tea Party people and volunteered to do Pro Bono work to protect the rights of the Tea Party protesters or get them out of jail or even come out and argue for their rights?

To the naked eye, the biggest difference between the Tea Party and the current Wall Street protesters is that the Tea Party was more attuned to the rights of others and into the REAL peaceful protesting against the injustice of our political hierarchy and the left-wing nuts support and promote it.

So many of the protesters today have NO CLUE about what is going on in our country. No idea how our Democracy actually works. Many have their hands out, just wanting a “gift” from the “haves” so they don’t have to work to get ahead.

At some time in our lives we have all wanted or wished that we were rich. I know I have often though of what I would do if I had the kind of money that someone like Bill Gates has. Only for the most part, when I “wish” about something like that I think of what kind of good i would do with all that money.

Of course we all want to be comfortable but life is a crap shoot so we all throw our hats in the ring and do the best we can. Left or Right, we still owe it to OURSELVES to do what we can to secure our way and get to where we need to go. Holding out your hand or asking the RICH to give you some of their money is NOT making your own way.

We should all work at making real change not just vote for the one that can make empty promises. We need to throw out the lifers in congress and start over. Use the powers of the Constitution to make the changes that need to be made and quit making excuses and asking for someone else to support you. Make your own life count!

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