Posted by: Frank | 11/17/2011

Obama asks Clinton for Advice!


Now that Obama is realizing that his FEAR campaign isn’t going as well as he thought, he is moving on to some new ideas.  Even though his efforts to scare Senior Citizens into voting against Republicans is supported by the Left leaning AARP, a group that promised to stay neutral regarding Obamacare then twisted the facts and promoted it.  Many Seniors have not fallen for the ruse, but many believe the misinformation spewed by His Gang and AARP and continue propagate it rather than look for the facts.

And, are we amused by the absolute height of hypocrisy that Obama is willing to go to get re-elected or for that matter, are we impressed that Bill Clinton, a person that we KNOW doesn’t like Obama any more than Hillary, would actually help Obama with his re-election bid?

What does this actually tell us? Well, I can only speak for myself but to me it’s Bill  saying, “i could care less about the country, I’m a DEMOCRAT and i will do what it takes to keep DEMOCRATS  in office no matter what i think about them or what they are doing to OUR country!”

Here we have two (actually 3) people who can’t stand each other, but put on friendly face when in public, now they plan to work together to put the WORST PRESIDENT SINCE JIMMY CARTER in office for another 4 years!

WHEN does common sense come into play?

If Bill Clinton was a man with GONADS, he would look at Obama and tell him – man to man – “I don’t like you, have never liked you, fight your own battles, you’ve screwed MY Country enough – TIME FOR A REAL CHANGE!”

But as we all remember from his time as president, he has a major problem telling the truth unless he is pushed into a corner by the truth!

It’s easy for me to bash “The Left” because i am a ‘middle of the road’ conservative. There are things I like about both parties but in my humble opinion, the Liberals and by definition, Democrats have a very REAL problem with being honest. There goal is ALWAYS to con the Unions, the Poor, the minorities, the disenfranchised, into voting for them. They pretend to care but it’s all about getting reelected so they can shove their policies down the throats of the rest of us.

We’ve seen that with Obama and all the ridiculous promises he made during his campaign.  The promises that were ignored even though he had The House and Senate in his pocket. He’s not the first liar we’ve elected, he won’t be the last.

It’s NOT just the Democrats, we know that. It seems the Republicans have the same problems and nobody holds them accountable any more than the Dems.

It’s about time the PUBLIC (YES – YOU and every person 18 years old can make a stand on this) stood up and started doing something about our elected officials. Time to tell these power-hungry monsters that if they don’t do their job the way WE want them to, they are ONE TERM REPRESENTATIVES!

SO – you can be like these lunk-heads that “OCCUPY” and say they want change yet have no clue on what to do, OR you can use your vote to do something. YOUR CHOICE

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