Posted by: Frank | 11/18/2011

The “Super Committee” and you!

Is anyone out there paying any attention? Congress is playing a waiting game – wait and see what happens in 2012!
The Democrats are more concerned with keeping their seats, Obama cares more about his re-election that what’s going on in the country and the Republicans are trying to make the people who elected them in 2010 happy.
The biggest joke here is that NO MATTER what is decided by this “super committee” it won’t be binding to the next congress. It is all a joke and the Dems know it. No doubt the Republicans are quite aware also and getting a laugh out of the whole thing. Likely while the two sides are sequestered, they are drinking their coffee and enjoying donuts while pretending to have serious meetings.
As far as the cuts in benefits, the “left-wing” is still willing to ‘break the bank’ by keeping benefits on par with todays numbers and not make changes. The garbage that  their Union bosses are telling them and the crap that AARP are spewing about how any cuts in benefits will affect them negatively TODAY is laughable.
NO legislator is going to cut benefits on people already drawing SS or on Medicare. The “Grand fathering” will likely be at least 10 years so these poor saps that AARP are using in their propaganda are being exploited and it’s almost laughable. The REALLY sad part is that others in the same age group or older are falling for it and THINK the Dems are trying to protect them when they are just trying to buy their votes with empty promises, something the Obama gang is really good at.  It is amazing how gullible the elderly can be when you use the scare tactics the Obama and his gang employ.
The American public REALLY is clueless aren’t they? Why the public can’t see that the Dems love their welfare states. They love them because it gives them the votes they need to stay in power and pass more idiot bills that kill the economy. The Dems love to make them dependent on government handouts so it makes them look like they actually care about THEM and not just their votes. They have no desire to help people get on their feet and actually earn a living so they can support themselves.
The Republicans WANT to create jobs so people can work, earn a living, support their families, buy homes and spend money which = tax revenue over the LONG term.
What plan have the Democrats EVER proposed that would do that?
Will the American people EVER decide to wake up and smell the coffee? Will they quit electing criminals, liars, organizers or clueless nitwits? When will the DEMAND term limits for our LEGISLATORS!
It’s TIME!

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