Posted by: Frank | 11/24/2011

I Admit, I’m NOT a big fan of Liberals!

I have found over the years that even getting a Liberal to talk with you is a chore.  If you don’t agree with them from the gitgo any attempt at intelligent conversation is out of the question! For the record, I am an active member of “The Huffington”  and often respond to their articles. In case you don’t know, they are a ‘left leaning’ blog/news organization. Recently I made a simple statement regarding one of their contributors – who happens to “lean right”.  My statement was regarding the speech Obama made where he was interrupted by one of the “occupy” people.  There was nothing wrong with his reply nor mine, keeping things very civil – otherwise they censor your input, something I don’t agree with but it’s their blog so…

BUT the reply from a “Martha Fair” (obviously not ‘her’ real name) reinforced my opinion about liberals and showed me  just ONE more reason you can’t have a civil conversation with the FAR LEFT, her input:

Yes, all the RepubliBil­lys are mensa club members right? Don’t make me laugh. They are the most stupid people on Earth.

Here is an example: QUESTION:

Which job would you want

1.) union job that pays $14.00 ph with benefits

2.) non-union job that pays 6.25 ph without them?
If you are like most republican­s you would choose #2.

My response to her:

Talk about clueless – Since you are at least pretending to be a woman I will keep my REAL thoughts to myself – they would likely pull the post anyway. Obviously you are so far left you feet are stuck in their sewer.
And i have Major news for you – obviously you never had to EARN a job, likely had a friend that got one for you, I was never part of a Union and more often than not had better paying jobs and more benefits that the Union workers around me because I was willing to go the extra mile, wasn’t always wining about breaks or conditions or lunch ‘hour’. I was often in CHARGE of Union workers and if they didn’t do their jobs – fired them – yup – you can fire them when you document their crummy work ethics.
Grow up “Martha” – take off the rose-colored glasses – get a real life!

Find me a Liberal that will actually have a conversation with you and you will soon find out THEY AREN’T REALLY LIBERALS – They are actually just like u and me.


  1. I believe the far left and right are equally off base,as with life in general,most extremes are not the best course,i.e. try taking a shower in scalding or ice cold water,while their may be a few who like this,the majority will prefer something a bit more balanced.
    I have been equally frustrated when I have tried to engage a conservative in conversation.
    The above cartoon makes no sense to me whatsoever and I firmly believe it makes conservatives look dumb as a)bush did dig the hole and b) someone did HAVE to pick up the shovel.I believe the cartoon would only appear clever to the extremely non clever.
    I do not agree with above female posters name calling,’repubillies/mensa’ comments,nor do I agree when I read the ones that go something like ”libtards” etc.,this is just childish and counter productive,like it or not both camps have these I guess the best course would be to let them call each other names while the adults try to engage in some productive discourse .hopefully focusing a bit more on our many similarities and not so much on our differences.united we stand,divided we fall.
    It is in someone’s best interest to divide us,divide and conquer is elementary military tactic.
    The far right or left will have our country in ruins if given the chance,.It is obvious that these people are the true minority .
    The majority fall somewhere much closer to center,this is good/best=balance.a little left or right leaning is something we should all be able to ‘work with’,the extremes are basically fanatics and often the loud/squeaky wheels,who seem to dominate discourse only by sheer volume and not numbers thankfully.
    So to ALL of my brothers and sisters,both conservative and liberal,PLEASE remember united we stand,divided we fall.We can work together when we act like adults,we are America,not ”our” politicians.If you want to be heard,be prepared to listen.

  2. Aloha! Thank you for your post! You have stated what I have been advocating for YEARS!
    To put it bluntly, screw the far Right & the far Left! We need to fire all the congress-persons and start over in that branch. As I see it today, the biggest problem is that the REST of us don’t trust each other! The FEAR is that we find some “3rd party candidates” that are worth a hoot but the “other side” will vote for their own guy and we get left in the cold! If you figure this out, come back and fill me in, I will support it 100%

    OH – the Cartoon is just because I am Anti Obama – I can’t stand the man – sorry….

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