Posted by: Frank | 11/25/2011

100 BILLION DOLLARS for a California Train?!?

FIRST QUESTION – WHY Is this just another example of one of the DUMBEST things the OBAMA Whitehouse is promoting or what?
My SECOND question to ANY that read this – do you live in CA? I did – 35 years. Rode the TRAIN once!  “High speed Amtrak” (an express) that went from LA to San Diego – this ‘express’ had about 6 stops and on a good night i could have driven there faster with a carload of people and saved a LOT of $$.
I have a MAJOR news bulletin  for you – AMERICA/Americans of today is/are NOT Train Friendly – It likely will never be again. One major reason is the cost of building and maintaining these train routes.  Crap, we can’t even build a new Aircraft plant in N. Carolina because the Unions are afraid of NON-Union competition! What kind of garbage would we go through with this over priced Train? Remembering it went from around $30 Billion to almost a $100 Billion in just a few years.
Another UPDATE for people who think this is a good idea,  we screwed the pooch years ago when we started tearing up the tracks, selling the land/rights and just forgetting that TRAINS helped to BUILD America. We had our chance but had so many complaints from NIMBY’s and Tree Huggers and various other small-minded people that we BLEW IT big time! So –  IF you want to do something to promote travel, help the people – build/repair our roads, improve Bus system, upgrade and make better our local airports! In the long run it would do far more for the economy of the COUNTRY instead of ONE State that can’t control its own wild spending!
If you want to do something REAL with $100 BILLION of TAXPAYER money, think of what it do for 50 States? Those BILLIONS divided up among the areas that needed it MOST would do a lot of good for homeless, jobless others that need help – OH and I’m NOT a Liberal, JUST realistic – like MANY Republicans!

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