Posted by: Frank | 11/27/2011

What’s GOOD (or not) for America?

We hear from so many people how big companies are moving jobs out of our country to make more money.

How many of you actually THINK about business and manufacturing in America. What’s the REAL reason companies move their factories to other countries? Give it some thought folks. Here’s your FIRST hint/clue:

When a business man or company wants to build, expand or start a new business/company they have hundreds, maybe THOUSANDS of rules and regulations they have to answer to and thousands of pages of documents they have to respond to and sign-off on. If you don’t believe it, try to get the permits, etc to build a new house for yourself. That’s a small project compared to what it takes to build a factory.

Have doubts, just look at what Boeing is going through trying to open a plant in South Carolina. Piles of rules and regulations, trouble from the UNIONS, federal government, courts, lawyers – all because they want to expand their business and create more  JOBS FOR AMERICANS!

You have MORE doubts, just look at California! It’s a State over-run with rules and regulations and more Taxes than any other State.

Environmentalists and Unions control California and are up in arms any time a company wants to expand or build a new building. Years of roadblocks are thrown up before they get permits to turn the first shovel of dirt. The obstructions get to be overwhelming as the NIMBY’s find bugs, plants, germs that ARE or “SHOULD BE” on the “Endangered” list somewhere.

OUR COUNTRY has Never been MORE Anti Business that it is today. Yet the Liberals and Democrats with the backing and support of Unions continue to stipule growth, continue to win the battle.  These same groups of people who hate business – even though they are the backbone of America – do everything in their power to cut growth off at the knees. The UNIONS bitch and moan as they hold their hands our for higher pay and benefits with the threat of “strike” at the forefront of their demands. THEY are responsible for forcing companies to move to more profitable places.

As far as our politics are concerned, there are NO shortcuts to get or keep potential long-term growth via profitable business ventures. The Dems/Liberals owe their very existence to Unions and the power the wield. That power that they continue to use to hurt the economy of the UNITED STATES.

If you have a problem believing this, do your own research and put the blame where it belongs.

We live in a great land that is still young. The question we should be asking is how do we get things back on track and continue to be the great nation we once laid credit to?

If you really WANT to fix things – WAKE UP!   The corruption in our Cities, States and Federal Government is EASY to spot and not so surprising. Most people just CHOOSE to ignore it. Even WITHOUT term limits we can fix our government! It’s time to REALLY start over, shitcan any legislator that has been in the same position for 12 years or more – dump them, elect a new one – give them 4 years and if they aren’t listening – dump them – soon these jokers will get the message – the people want things FIXED!



  1. The REAL reason is that companies will go wherever it is CHEAPER, period.

    This entails many things, some of which you mention. However, by far the most expensive reason is human labor. It is easy to move work when you can pay someone in the Philippines or China less than a quarter of the wage the American counterpart made. Also, yes, many of these same countries have NO environmental regulations. Companies are free to pollute at will.

    Everyone understands wanting to lower costs to maximize profits. We get it. But when companies willfully go to these countries to exploit and pollute, it is wrong and unethical. I place the blame where it belongs… with them.

    I’ve seen it first hand, having worked a few places that outsourced everything from manufacturing to graphic design. Mostly, to get the owners more money in-pocket. They so nicely bragged that for the average American wage (about $35,000/yr.) they could hire 3 Philippine workers. Lovely. And these were smallish companies. I can only imagine what the larger ones do. What happens in China, stays in China seems to be the corporate motto.

    Are there too many rules and regulations? Sure.
    But I wouldn’t want to go back to the pollution of the 1970’s either.
    I remember when Lake Erie caught on fire.

    Honestly, we should not be faced with a choice between having jobs and having a clean planet where don’t all die, should we.

    • Aloha,
      I don’t disagree but I still place the major portion of the blame right here in America.
      I lived in CA for 35 years and saw many companies that want to expand or even move to CA end up changing their plans because of all the hastle they had to go through before they could start construction.
      And remember – it isn’t JUST the owners that are making $$ it’s the stock holders. I for one own stock in several companies that have made the move and I would bet my stock that they would rather be doing business in America than in countrys that could nationalize them at any time.
      I agree, in part about the pollution of the 70’s but our government has gone way overboard with it’s controls and laws regarding what has to be done in the name of “saving the environment” and screwing the company.
      thanks for your comment!

  2. It s OK for these companies to take money out of this country, but it is apparently not acceptable to return some in a time of crisis.

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